SFB's Debate Drinking Game


(Photo Cred: Brew Dog)

(Photo Cred: Brew Dog)

October 2016- San Francisco is littered with fading Bernie 2016 stickers, Trump piñatas and naked Trump statues are displayed throughout the city, and debate watch parties are stretching everywhere from the Mission, to the Marina, to our living rooms. 

With the first debate shattering the record for most watched presidential debate in history, garnering over 84 million viewers, it’s no secret that this election is at the very least, a (ahem) “popular” one.

Whether you’re tuning into the debate at one of the many debate watch parties across the city, throwing a watch party of your own, or streaming the debate on BART during your daily commute this Wednesday, SFB's debate drinking game is sure to amp up the entertainment factor and hopefully dampen the SOS-factor.

Fun fact for the vodka drinkers in the house: Its been reported that Hillary's cocktail of choice is a vodka martini- James Bond style. Though Trump prides himself in his alcohol-free lifestyle, he did ironically launch a line of Trump "super premium" vodka in 2006, but unfortunately it didn't take off and the product is no longer sold, so we'll never get to know if Hillary is a fan of shaking it up. 

So come one, come all, San Franciscan and non-San Franciscan friends alike. Hang your political piñatas, grab your drink of choice, and let’s make your debate watch party great again.

(Photo Cred: Heat Street)

(Photo Cred: Heat Street)

Take a Lil' Sip Every Time…

  • Trump says “believe me..”
  • Hillary makes that smirk- we know that you know exactly what we're talking about
  • Trump says “locker room talk” and/or talks about the respect he has for women
  • Trump interrupts Hillary
  • Hillary says “African-American” or “Latinos/Hispanics”
  • Trump confidently disagrees with something which has concrete evidence to support it
  • Hillary says “hillaryclinton.com”
  • Trump says the word “China.”
  • Trump changes a statistic during the course of a monologue
  • Passive-aggressively take a sip every time your watch-buddy makes an obvious comment pertaining to either candidate
  • Trump ironically says the word "stupid" or "disgraceful"
  • If Bernie Sanders is ever mentioned

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age who wish to have a good time with friends. It is purely intended for entertainment purposes. SF Bartenders does not advocate the abuse of alcoholic beverages, and if you enjoy our post during Wednesday's debate, please do so with moderation and caution. It is not with intent to promote mis-use of alcohol, alcoholism, binge drinking or any other form of alcohol abuse.

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